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My watercress is doing well! I don’t normally buy salad in summer but whilst shopping there was a bag of Watercress on cheap so I thought I would make a salad from it and keep the bigger stalks to see if I could grow some for over winter.

This was just an experiment, so I cut off the bits I wanted and threw the rest into a huge sweetie pot my Mum gave me last week. It’s huge, not sure you could ever fill it with sweets, you could certainly use it as a goldfish bowl though.

The good news is the Watercress is growing roots and already growing new leaves! I do like watercress, it’s full of Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid and Vitamin A and C. One of those salads that makes you feel all refreshed after eating.

I would love a pond to grow it outside, but I have read that if the water isn’t fresh and moving, the watercress can pick up a lot of nasties. So I plan to change the water regularly.

Hopefully another crop to the ever growing list!