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Oh my gosh… My first result from my RHS course

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I haven’t studied in a very long time. My last exams where about 20 years ago, but I still remember the terror as if they were yesterday.

I suffer from nerves very badly, I think people assume I am super confident. After all I present a breakfast show on the radio across the North West of England. Outside of London it’s the most competitive market, surely I am filled with a huge ego and confidence that explodes from every pore?

No, not one bit! I am quite the opposite, think of me more as a swan swimming in a lake, calm on the surface but under the water I’m paddling like crazy.

I signed up for my RHS course hoping to pick up a few little tips to help me in my allotment and was terrified by the prospect of doing exams. Well I got my first result this afternoon, I had to double check there hadn’t been a mistake! 99%!

And now in typical Vix worry mode, I’m freaking about about my next one! Maybe in the next couple of days I will get a letter telling me there was a mix up in my results… Me 99%?