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Breakfast… English strawberries

20130713-073309 AM.jpg

Not wishing to upset anyone or cause outrage. I’ve eaten strawberries from all over the world, but I still say English ones are the best.

It’s was a long wet, cold spring and I was worried that this year would be a wipe out for the fruit on my plot, then from nowhere a mini heat wave descended and all that rain and now heat has ripened the strawberries to perfection.

Here is what we collected for breakfast, it’s 7.30 am and my daughter and I are eating the sweetest plumpest strawberries I have ever grown.

My daughters face is stained pink with the juice, she looks like she’s put her lipstick on whilst driving down a bumpy road! This is why I grow my own fruit and veg.

I haven’t used any chemicals, nothing artificial. I have just worked with nature instead of against it and now I’m starting to reap the rewards. I can settle back and watch my 6 year old fill her tummy as she walks about the plot, I’m not worried about poisonous sprays and having to scrub everything before its eaten.

Be kind to your plot and your body, bin off those chemicals, you honestly don’t need them… Promise!

Happy gardening x