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The last of the Purple Potatoes

20131017-043728 pm.jpg

All dug up and ready for storing. I love purple potatoes, these are called Purple Majesty and they taste wonderful!

I love the fact that they contain such high levels of antioxidants keeping my family healthy. They say vegetables with a deep purple colour are rammed with a chemical called anthocyanin which protects your cells. I found steaming them kept their colour better and that’s the name of the game, keeping all that colour so your body can absorb as much as possible.

So here’s what’s left from my potatoes bags I will give them a little brush down and pop them into a sack. I’m rather glad I did potato bags this year they have worked a treat. Usually the slugs destroy my potatoes which I plant in the raised beds. So I’m going to loads more of these potato bags next year… Oh next year you seem so very far away.