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Plaiting onions

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How wonderful is it to bring in the vegetables knowing you will be eating them over winter?

Thought I’d get a start on my onions this afternoon. It’s really easy, the secret to it, is garden string.

How long is a piece of string? Well in this case about my height around 6ft Thats what i use, I suppose it depends on how many you are plaiting, and better to have too much than too little.

Put the largest onion in first and two medium sized ones under it and do one complete plait, bringing the string with it, then another biggish one in the middle and two under it (see a pattern emerging?). Then keep plaiting and tie off firmly at the end.

I let my onions dry a little before plaiting them up but not so dry that the leaves fall apart as you work with them. I also like to cut the roots from their bottoms and remove the very dry scruffy looking layers.

Quick and easy, now they will hang in my shed until I need them.