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Echeveria houseplant

20130827-062701 PM.jpg

Some thing quite fascinating about succulents. I bought an Echeveria last year mainly because it was the last one in the shop and was looking lonely. This happens to me a lot!

It was getting pretty leggy as I don’t think he was happy on that particular window ledge. I decided to take a few leaves to get some new plants.

They say to lie them flat across some soil and they will take root easily. I wasn’t too sure about that and did 50% flat the other half stuck into the soil.

Not one of those lying flat rooted, however, the ones that I put into the soil all took!

The reason for this post is, sometimes when your gardening it’s good to find another way of doing things. Can you imagine if this was your first time trying to propagate these plants? You would of been all disheartened and maybe of given up, thinking to yourself you don’t have green fingers.

Yes read books, listen to advice but free style a bit too, experiment! It’s all a bit of fun and you can maybe do something your way too of discover a whole new approach.

Another reason for this post was the picture, I love how the water has collected amongst the leaves. It looks like quick silver!

Happy gardening x