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Herb sachets, wands and other things

20130826-013322 PM.jpg

Ooh the smell in my house right now is heavenly. Lavender and chocolate mint fills the air, like when you go into one of those lovely perfume shops except this has that beautiful natural gentleness about it.

So the aim was to make a couple of different herb sachets for different purposes.

I love sewing its a great way to relax, I do have a sewing machine but I only tend to use it when making clothes. But pouches and small things are more fun by hand.

Lavender wand
The Victorians made these to hang in their wardrobes basically you use long lavender stalks tied and folded into its self so the tiny pieces of lavender as it dries doesn’t fall out.

Herb pot
I decided to use some insect repellent herbs to keep the moths and spiders away. So it has Lavender, Tansy, Mugwort, Cotton Lavender and Peppermint.

Lavender Sugar
Layers of sugar and fresh lavender piled on top of each other, should be ready in a couple of weeks. Just perfect for cooking and afternoon tea.

The Herb Sachets – I did two of each one.
So there’s a sleepy relaxing one filled with loads of Lavender.
A stimulating one, to wake you up perfect for hanging in the car filed with Lemon Balm, Mint and Dill.
Insect repellent one, with Tansy, Mugwort, Peppermint, Hyssop and Cotton Lavender.
Relaxation bag with Lavender and Rosemary
And one that just smells great with sacks of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chocolate Mint, Rosemary and Dill.

It was loads of fun, drying them slowly in the oven, bashing them in a pestle and mortar and bagging them up. All organically grown, freshly harvested and brimming with aromatic scents, just lovely!


Quick herb harvest

20130826-120723 PM.jpg

It’s all go in allotments and gardens around the world as we start to harvest our goodies for the winter.

Today I’m bringing in some already dried herbs from my potting shed along with some Tansy, Lavender, Mugwort and various other wonderful smelling herbs.

The plan is to make some herb bags and things to sniff through the dark gloomy winter.


Drying some herbs

20130804-011932 AM.jpg

The smell in my potting shed is intoxicating with herbs drying.

Mint, thyme, Rosemary, Lemon Balm and others mingling together to create a velvet curtain of scent that hits you when you walk inside.

By drying your herbs, your able to enjoy them throughout the winter months. I will crumble them into old spice jars when they are completely dried out.

It’s like an alchemists den in my potting shed at the moment!


Remember that top tip I told you?

20130617-103158 PM.jpg

Well here is the proof, that a sprinkling of cinnamon helps combat fungal infections in your soil.

I didn’t lose a single liquorice plant and they are all planted out now in a big planter and looking lovely and healthy too!

My 6 year old daughter is made up, they are her little babies!

Happy gardening! X


Black mint

20130523-102416 PM.jpg

Here is a little picture of my black mint next to oregano. The lush green is beautiful don’t you think? And I love the black stalks so pretty.

Black mint will spread out and take over, like all mint, it’s a bit of a thug. So I have learnt my lesson from my peppermint which attempted to take over one of my herb beds last year so I will be keeping my mints in pots then sinking it into the soil. Eventually you won’t see the pot as the foliage grows up and over the edges.

Black mint is a seriously minty mint. It will blow you head off. It’s brilliant, I cannot wait for rum cocktails with a huge sprig plunged in amongst the crushed ice.

Black mint also makes wonderful tea. It dries beautifully to and retains its minty taste. They say if you are feeling a bit sick its good for steadying your tummy too. It’s well worth getting a pot for your herb garden and come the summer it has tiny little pink flowers which are adorable.

Mint is also good for getting rid of ants. They say if you make a tea of it and spray it around your door frames and problem areas the ants will move on away from it. I am going to try that this year, I have noticed a few ant nests around my plot. I’m not too keen on using ant powder as I have a dog, whom I love dearly and don’t want to harm him. Got to look after Wordsworth the dog he’s my pal and he will eat anything he can get his paws on.

Black mint loves rich moist soil, but like I say it will totally take over if you let it. It sends out long roots underground which spring up all over the place!

Happy gardening x