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Home made Christmas

20131227-094020 pm.jpg

Whilst I was pruning the fruit trees I thought I’d weave a few little Christmas stars to hang on our tree. Then I got carried away and started to attach all sorts of other seed heads and bits and bobs.

It was loads of fun and felt like a lovely way to celebrate this wintery celebration. The nice thing is our tree looks amazing, naturally beautiful without a single bit of tinsel in sight!


Sunflower seed collecting and Christmas

20131006-025503 pm.jpg

As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of my favourite things to do is collect seeds. I find it so satisfying to keep them growing year after year. Carefully selecting the plants which do well in my plot. Each year it seems to look better and better.

I mentioned Christmas, you are probably curious to know why. I like to have a natural theme when decorating my house for the Yule celebrations. Pine cones, dried flowers, lush huge seed heads all to me sums up how a house should look.

Yule is celebrated in different ways around the world with one common theme. The sun/son is born, so what better Christmas tree top is a Christmas star made from the head of a sunflower!

It’s just how we do things in our house and since we are all passionate gardeners I thought I would share and maybe give you a little idea whilst your pottering around tidying and collecting seeds in your garden or plots.


Plaiting onions

20130903-025908 PM.jpg

How wonderful is it to bring in the vegetables knowing you will be eating them over winter?

Thought I’d get a start on my onions this afternoon. It’s really easy, the secret to it, is garden string.

How long is a piece of string? Well in this case about my height around 6ft Thats what i use, I suppose it depends on how many you are plaiting, and better to have too much than too little.

Put the largest onion in first and two medium sized ones under it and do one complete plait, bringing the string with it, then another biggish one in the middle and two under it (see a pattern emerging?). Then keep plaiting and tie off firmly at the end.

I let my onions dry a little before plaiting them up but not so dry that the leaves fall apart as you work with them. I also like to cut the roots from their bottoms and remove the very dry scruffy looking layers.

Quick and easy, now they will hang in my shed until I need them.


Productive morning

20130901-093339 PM.jpg

It felt like I didn’t do a great deal today but looking back I had a good potter.

I woke up early and made myself a new apron for pottering around my plot, please excuse my PJ’s but it was early!

Then, I once I decided to actually get changed. I took a few cuttings of English Lavender, French Lavender and Rosemary.

The job that took the longest was sorting out the seeds I have collected. They were nice and dry and ready to bag up for next season. But it took a while trying to sort out the seed from dried bits of twigs and buds but I managed to get through most of it.

All in all maybe not a hugely busy day, but fairly productive, not bad for a few hours really…


Deep sleep

20130830-104816 AM.jpg

So last weekend I made some different things with herbs that I had grown, including a lavender wand and some lavender sachets.

Well I am reporting back. I over slept one morning this week such was my deep sleep (I slept through 3 alarms) I am putting it down to the lavender sachet under my pillow! I usually wake up if I hear a phone vibrate down stairs, I am a very light sleeper.

And so far no pesky moths or naughty spiders in my down stairs loo thanks the the insect repellant sachets which are hanging next the to window.

So an overall success I’d say, well apart from being a tiny little bit late for work one morning!


Herb sachets, wands and other things

20130826-013322 PM.jpg

Ooh the smell in my house right now is heavenly. Lavender and chocolate mint fills the air, like when you go into one of those lovely perfume shops except this has that beautiful natural gentleness about it.

So the aim was to make a couple of different herb sachets for different purposes.

I love sewing its a great way to relax, I do have a sewing machine but I only tend to use it when making clothes. But pouches and small things are more fun by hand.

Lavender wand
The Victorians made these to hang in their wardrobes basically you use long lavender stalks tied and folded into its self so the tiny pieces of lavender as it dries doesn’t fall out.

Herb pot
I decided to use some insect repellent herbs to keep the moths and spiders away. So it has Lavender, Tansy, Mugwort, Cotton Lavender and Peppermint.

Lavender Sugar
Layers of sugar and fresh lavender piled on top of each other, should be ready in a couple of weeks. Just perfect for cooking and afternoon tea.

The Herb Sachets – I did two of each one.
So there’s a sleepy relaxing one filled with loads of Lavender.
A stimulating one, to wake you up perfect for hanging in the car filed with Lemon Balm, Mint and Dill.
Insect repellent one, with Tansy, Mugwort, Peppermint, Hyssop and Cotton Lavender.
Relaxation bag with Lavender and Rosemary
And one that just smells great with sacks of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chocolate Mint, Rosemary and Dill.

It was loads of fun, drying them slowly in the oven, bashing them in a pestle and mortar and bagging them up. All organically grown, freshly harvested and brimming with aromatic scents, just lovely!


Another wonderful surprise

20130804-092232 AM.jpg

This is my gardening hat I bought it a couple of years ago, it’s been all over the place with me, even to Cuba!

Yesterday my best friend popped around to spend some time with me whilst I pottered around my allotment.

She is lovely, so very talented, she makes all sorts of wonderful things for her on line shop. And as we were having a cup of tea in the sunshine handed me a beautiful brooch.

I couldn’t wait to pin it on my hat! Here it is, I’m just showing it off really! She’s lovely and maybe you could check her out, she has a blog and on line shop. Her name is “a girl called Boz”