May I plant out yet?

Twitchy allotmentiers are weather watching wondering when it’s safe to put out their wonderful crops, It’s a bit like planning to goto war!  

To ‘non-gardening sorts’ this all sounds very silly but to a true grower, timing is everything.  Greenhouses, Poly tunnels and window ledges all groan under the weight of plants and the usual arguments between partners spread across the boroughs with comments such as “I’m sick of seeing plant pots on my window ledges” and “Why do you need to buy so much blimming multi-purpose compost!” or is that just in my house?

Last weekend I started making my bean bed. I use raised beds on my allotment, the trick to raised beds is not to walk of them… Well I break that rule for my bean beds. The thing with beans is, you need to get right in there to harvest them. 

Into this bed will go Runner beans on the right, French beans along the back and hopefully Soya beans on the left wing, I confess, it’s my first year growing Soya beans but I like to try new things. 

At the end of the season I will dig all the roots into the soil to put the nitrogen back into the earth, double dig the wood chip in centre area to avoid soil compaction then lob a load of horse muck over the top and let the worms get stuck in. 

My Allotment to do list:

Pinch out the tops of broadbeans once they start flowering to deter aphids.

Place straw under strawberries to protect the fruit as it forms.

Time to think about moving leeks outdoors when they are around 10cm high. Use a dibber to make a 8cm deep hole drop them in then water in this keeps their stems long and white.

Keep your hoe handy, dandelion seeds are floating around looking for a home, no doubt, right in the middle of your bean bed!

I’m considering moving my sweet corn out, Oh Month of May you’re so fickle with your weather, I will check the long term forecast… again.

20140527-092533 pm-77133110.jpg


4 responses to “May I plant out yet?

  1. We’re in the same boat here – very frustrating, just want to crack on with it ! Your bean bed looks great though, it’s good to get the ‘foundations’ laid whilst waiting for the green stuff ! 🙂

  2. I have never grown Soya beans, I’ll be interested to hear how you get on. Only French climbing beans for me this year and they have been in a couple of weeks.

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