Harvesting my bamboo

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I grow bamboo in my garden, I love the sound of the wind through it’s leaves and the bright green stalks in the sunshine it’s a great plant to have – plus it’s extremely useful.

I harvest the canes to use in my allotment. The great thing about growing your own canes is they have so many more useful bumps and tiny branches than shop bought ones. Which obviously, is very handy for your climbing plants to grab hold of plus the green coloured stalks slowly fade to the familiar beige colour through the growing season, just making them more interesting to look at.

Maybe I take this ‘grow your own’ thing too far, but I wonder what the carbon foot print of the humble garden cane is? I could go out and buy some brittle canes from the garden centre, but it’s so much more fun to grow it yourself!

What’s even more interesting is they are so bendy when green, so you can fashion your own different shaped structures. But take care because they don’t half snap back into shape quick if they aren’t secured properly!

So now I’ve got my newly harvested green bamboo canes… Just need those peas and beans to get a move on! Happy gardening my friend! X


14 responses to “Harvesting my bamboo

  1. I have heard those roots go very, very deep into the earth / soil.

  2. I’ve never thought of growing my own bamboo. Of course now it seems obvious. What a great idea!

  3. What a fun idea for the garden! Happy gardening to you too! 🙂

  4. Got to be careful with the bamboo, as the one I had sent out long underground runners and sprang up feet from the mother plant, had some good long 8 ft canes from it. I thought I’d got rid of it but must have left a small portion of root buried , as I am still getting small shoots springing up.

    • Absolutely! Wise words I have some in a huge planter, the rest is for harvesting and spreading through the garden I’m aiming for a secret path through it! Hush it’s a secret path 😘

  5. I used to grow a couple of different kinds of bamboo in big pots. The black bamboo was my favorite. They really are beautiful but outgrew their homes quickly. I would bring them indoors in the winter until they got too big to do so. Should have harvested more canes when I had the chance!

  6. Can never believe how many canes we get through and I’v never thought about growing it.

    • Well if you do start buy the biggest toughest planter you can find plant it up in that then pop it in the ground! Because it’s quite a thug and wants to take over! I don’t mind it taking over where mine is it would be rather exciting to have a path through it one day! I can pretend I’m in crouching tiger hidden dragon! Lol xxx

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