Purple Sprouting Broccoli

20140410-071445 pm.jpg

It’s tastes and looks amazing! And now is the time to start sowing it for your bumper harvest next spring!

It’s easy to grow, and just gets on with it’s business throughout the year. But then next spring it will explode with amazing sprouting fab purple stalks.

I have never understood why the supermarkets charge so much for it, as it’s so easy to grow and just a few plants will give you such a tremendous harvest. Freshly picked, gently steamed it’s simply wonderful!

I have about 5 plants and today I harvested so much we had enough for our dinner, as did all of my neighbours (I’m very popular today!)

But that’s what it’s all about eating super fresh, no silly chemicals and sharing your harvests with your friends and family!

Happy spring to you!


17 responses to “Purple Sprouting Broccoli

  1. It looks wonderful! Maybe I’ll try it again…

  2. Have just eaten some, not homegrown sadly but still delicious.

  3. Happy spring to you 🙂 x

  4. Lovely photo of the PSB in a wicker basket. I have an image of you wandering in the purple sprouting brocolli fields, which stretch as far as the eye can see, gathering the harvest, parasol in hand. Have I got it? Is that how it was?😀

  5. Wowzers – looks lovely 🙂 and serious basket envy too !

  6. Lolololololololol I get that too! Here’s me thinking I was the only one! That’s so funny! If I see someone with a nice basket or trug I cannot help but stare at it! Lol xxx

  7. Gorgeous looking PSB!

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