Time to empty the compost heap

20140323-091403 pm.jpg
What a big job, I’m so glad it’s done! I have, like many allotment growers, raised beds. Some of which aren’t exactly raised, in fact, you could say are sunken.

Well today I have emptied my compost heap and filled my last ‘sunken raised bed’. I’ve being filling that heap all of 2013, a mix of kitchen scraps, old weeds, horse manure, cuttings, cardboard even dust from my Hoover.

Now the bed is finally filled, the key is to leave it to settle before doing any planting. It will sink a little whilst it settles and obviously is going to need regular hoeing as any weed seeds start to wake up. But it’s full of promise.

Now to start work on the new heap, the gardening wheel turns again! Happy gardening my friend! X


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