Kale and allotment snobbery

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I do love vegetables, to me they are the ultimate plant. Many have long histories, they are fascinating to grow and the amount of varieties keeps even the humble carrot interesting, the best bit of it all, you can eat them!

This is a staple in our house, we all love it, Kale.

It’s a meaty veg with a proper bite to it. Tastes wonderful in stews with all sorts of meat, amazing with pasta or just on a plate with butter and cheese grated on the top.

One of the reasons I particularly love it is, well apart from it’s taste is, it looks beautiful. Curly Kale with it’s zig zag edged leaves, it’s adorable – it’s a tough old bird too. Especially the dwarf kind.

She’s not bothered about shade, full sun, soil type as long as the soil isn’t water logged she will grow through it all. I sowed these last spring and she is still giving wonderful harvests in winter too. Slugs don’t really bother it, maybe the odd caterpillar in summer and pigeons aren’t the least bit interested, it’s a tough cookie for sure.

I mentioned allotment snobbery, well that’s because I was shocked to my socks by a comment from another allotment holder last year. I was minding my own business picking a huge basket of it one sunny day, when the bird song and serenity was broken by a woman who invited herself onto my plot.

“Kale I see” she said in a voice which reminded me of a school teacher.
“Oh yes! Isn’t it lovely? It’s really tasty” I replied.
“They feed it to horses you know, I don’t bother with it” and off she tromped in her golfing shorts and head visor.
I sat there for a minute slightly confused, “what was that all about?”

Well The moral of this little tale is thus…

As I walked down the allotments last weekend to have a look what wonders and exciting things people were up to (there’s always something) I walked past her plot, I could help but notice it was barren; nothing to eat at all!

So my golf short wearing friend. ‘I’d sooner eat like a race horse all year round, than like a King just in the summer! (I’m also blowing a raspberry too) X


20 responses to “Kale and allotment snobbery

  1. I love, love, love veggies, but I haven’t gotten into kale yet. Well, I do think that kale chips are lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s fab! So good for you too, have a little go at growing some if you can, it’s such an easy veg! Maybe in a pot if you have no space! It pretty much looks after itself! I totally recommend getting into it! It’s one of those things that just makes you feel healthy when you eat it! (If you know what I mean?) thanks for reading my blog xxxx

  2. Hehe you’re so funny, I can really imagine her woddling off all smug with herself… Keep your beak out beaky! I’ve never tried to grow or eat kale but after reading your blog you’ve inspired me ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  3. I once had a similar experience whilst visiting Spanish friends in Northern Spain; they couldn’t believe we grew and loved eating sweet corn. They regarded it as only being fit for cattle! Keep fighting the fight for veg!!!

    • Yummy sweet corn! They must have the best fed cattle in the whole world! Oh BBQ without big cobs of sweet corn dripping with real butter, surely no one could turn their noses up… I now have a hankering for sweet corn.
      I’m going to have a bash at that multi coloured corn this year, fingers crossed for a nice sunny summer! Sat outside with a G&T listening to the bees buzzing, feels so very far away don’t you think?

  4. We’ve got tons on Kale so we’ve been feeding the excess to our rabbit. His pee has now gone white and a quick Google search shows this is because it’s so high in calcium !! So perhaps it’s time for him to cut back, and a bit more to make it onto our plates ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I laughed out loud at your story. Kale grows wonderfully for me and everyone I know who has ever tried it. Sadly, we eat very little of it so I haven’t planted it for a couple of years.

  6. thank you for such a lovely post

  7. Just loved the Allotment Holder in Short Short’s Made Me Howl! I had an allotment and the people was so `Far Up T…selves’ it was no fun any more.

    People can’t live with them and cannot – maybe live without `some’ of them ….. x

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    #AceFoodNews2014 says nice one Vix

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