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I was walking around a supermarket in November last year and I spotted some Hippeastrum bulbs going cheap. Mainly because the boxes were a little damaged, well I couldn’t resist, £3, with the pot and soil included – sold!

I planted the huge bulb gave it a water and popped it on to the window ledge in the living room, keeping the soil slightly moist. Well a month past and slowly it started to spring into life, with a huge green spike emerging from the soil. It got bigger and bigger and four buds appeared.

I got home from work today to be greeted by these huge smiling flowers. Well being a gardener I was over joyed.

The miracle and beauty of the world around us, we take so much for granted. And during a grey damp winters day what a truly wonderful thing to behold.

It might be a gloomy overcast day outside, but looking at this I could be in a tropical paradise, I’m chuffed to pieces… Even more so, as it only cost me 3 quid!

My only regret is I should have bought more!


5 responses to “Hippeastrum

  1. very pretty! as a fellow gardener, I completely understand your joy and excitement about growing this bulb indoors. Enjoy your bloom 🙂

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