Pot Marigolds and Sweet Peas

20140102-054322 pm.jpg

My daughter and I were a little bored today so we walked down the garden into the allotment to have a little look what was happening. While we mooched about I was amazed to see the Pot Marigolds have started to flower again!

Their cheery faces popping out from amongst the Brussels and Broccoli was amazing. Flowers in January?

So January 2014, Happy New Year to you!

If you are like me and itching to start sowing some seeds, why not soak some sweet peas over night and pop them in some compost? They like a nice long year, so get them in now.


One response to “Pot Marigolds and Sweet Peas

  1. I’m dreaming of a wonderful garden but not much I can do as we’re buried under 4 ft of snow!
    Your pot marigolds are gorgeous and inspiring!
    I have sweet pea that blooms wild around the meadow that borders my Homestead and am anticipating taking some cuttings when spring finally hits.It’s such a pretty little plant.

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