Working out next seasons planting

20131229-051440 pm.jpg

Last night, G&T in hand, I slowly started working out what needs to go where on the allotment next spring. I have a gardening note book with crop rotations in from 2010 it’s lovely to see what I have planted over the years. Goodness only knows where the past 10 years of other rotations have gone! I work on a four year rotation: salad/free bed, onions/roots, Legumes, Brassica. And they follow each around my plot, never planting in the same spot, well, apart from things like Raspberries etc.

I could plan it all out on a spread sheet or one of those fancy Gardening Apps but there’s a kind of mediation to drawing it out and colouring it in. Whilst your drawing a line your mind can think about what crops should go where, it feels more grounded to me.

This is how I do it anyway, I like doing it like this, but everyone works in a different way. So now it’s time to sort through my seeds and see what I need.

Yipppeeee spring is coming!


7 responses to “Working out next seasons planting

  1. Wow! Now that is organised. I have diagrams, That add to one, when I sown and plant stuff. I can never organise in such detail though. Plus I have to battle my mother as to what goes where; never mind crop rotation.

  2. This is super organised, you put us to shame. Going to have to follow your example and produce a ‘plot plan’ – any excuse for a bit of colouring-in ! 🙂

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