A home for wildlife

20131108-010548 pm.jpg

As promised I have turned my old shed and the surrounding areas into a little spot for wildlife to live. Winter is on it’s way and we should make a little home for those creatures that really do silently help us out in our gardens.

Most of these tiny guys creep around at night eating our slugs and snails, and just make our lives better without ever asking for a thank you.

Well here is my thank you, Mrs Hedgehog, Mr Toad find a quiet spot, little ladybird bed down and relax, you are very welcome on my plot…

Have a restful and warm winter little ones, and hopefully I will see you in spring! Xxx


7 responses to “A home for wildlife

    • Thank you! I think too often the true workers in a garden are forgotten about, it’s my little way of showing them I care. I’m the type of gardener that has to move a worm whilst digging in case I squish it, as you can imagine ‘double digging’ takes me a while! Xx

  1. great photos and wonderful sentiment: look after the wildlife and it’ll help and entertain you right back.

    • I once followed a hedgehog down my street for an hour one night, he had a crisp packet on his back, like a make shift rain coat. It made me chuckle. By the bottom of the road he had snuffled it off and was back to his prickly self again. But yes, wildlife of all shapes and sizes should be admired and adored. Xx

  2. Yes, these are all my sentiments too and my goal is to make a bug hotel where they can all come and stay. I also want to encourage hedgehogs and will build a little hedgehog house soon too. So much to do but so exciting. I love what you’re doing! Thanks for sharing it!!

    • Thank you for message, its lovely to hear from everyone! I totally agree it is exciting getting stuck in and helping all the little creatures that surround us. They have such an awful rough ride these days, it is sad but if everyone did a little thing to help everything including us would flourish! Good luck with your hotel and hedgehog house! Stay in touch let me know how you get on! I cannot wait, we need photos! Xxxxx

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