Almost done!

20131107-045709 pm.jpg

So most of the beds are manured and covered with plastic for the winter. I will dig in the manure once spring arrives, but for now the worms can do their thing.

I covered it with plastic to keep the weeds from growing through the winter. It works for me anyway.

So my plan for tomorrow, weather depending, is to turn my rickety old shed into a little Havana for the hedgehogs, and other wildlife. It’s almost falling down and I have a nice shinny one at the other end of my plot. So I’m hoping to turn it into the ultimate hotel for my little friends. Inside I will make little hide holes stuffed with straw and make it cozy for them to bed down in.

I’m actually looking forward to making it!


5 responses to “Almost done!

  1. Great job. Your posts really inspire me to get down and dirty next season and invest my time in gardening (especially growing vegetables)! Thank you!

    • That is so incredibly kind of you to say, thank you! You’d be surprised how easy it is! if I can help with any advice at all, please just ask! I love helping people with their gardens, especially veggies! It’s so exciting watching it all grow then scoffing it! Honestly though, if you want any advice get in touch! I cannot wait to hear how your spring will go! Xxx

      • Thank you so much! I will surely ask about…well probably many things in spring πŸ™‚ I found a planting calendar for vegetables and I intend to start small and not be overwhelmed. Now, the only things in my garden are few flowers (mostly calendulas) and herbs. But I want to try some beans and peas and salad-vegetables.

      • I adore pot marigold! They are enchanting! I use them to edge the raised beds, they get a bit crazy towards the end of the year though. Peas and beans are without doubt the easiest of all the veggies, and salad too! You will be eating them all next year, Yummy! Just u see! Xxx

  2. Lovely picture and great job, you can really feel the cold in this picture πŸ™‚ x

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