Digging for Vixtory

20131106-052109 pm.jpg

Corr blimey what a day! Another 3 raised beds dug and manured. Which is pretty good going owing to the fact the drizzle seems to make every barrow of horse poo heavier and heavier. But there is something about tucking everything up for winter, it’s strange, it’s like telling your plot to go to sleep.

The raised bed at the front of the photo, is what I call my bed of doom, it’s huge. It’s that bed I put off doing for ages as it’s such hard work. But I went for it today and I’m glad I did too, as I hear snow is coming soon.

Gosh the year has gone so fast, good luck tucking everything up for winter guys! X


2 responses to “Digging for Vixtory

  1. Good effort 😉 you dig that poop 🙂 hehe x

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