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Autumn makes you look back…

20131113-081044 pm.jpg

I am very lucky to live just by woods, a typical UK wood. Filled with ancient oaks, tumbling waterfalls and magical Rowan trees which are now are covered with bright red berries. In the spring, the scent of wild bluebells could knock you off you feet, we walk there a lot.

I met my husband there, we got married in the Saxon barn that is nettled amongst it and we named our child in the castle which sits besides the lake and it’s all a stones throw from our family home. It’s extremely special to us. We aren’t rolling in money by the way, the UK is blessed that quite normal houses can be found amongst all this wonderful stuff!

Last year whilst we were walking in the woods we were really upset to find some idiots had pushed many of the Rowan saplings over. It was so sad. We were extremely upset, and straightened as many as we could however one had been snapped in half.

This may sound like a rather trifling matter in the scheme of things. But this wood and all the trees are so beautiful in fact magical and the thought of someone needlessly doing this, frankly pee’d us off. It’s all so perfect, deer run around it squirrels and owls call it their homes. To think so close to a town which kick started the industrial revolution it’s amazing.

So I took that poor old snapped off branch home with us and promised to look after it. And here it is! We watered it, took care of it and a year on it’s growing away quite happily in our family garden.

We plan to return ‘her’ to the woods and replant ‘her’ in the best spot we can find. But for now, we will continue to look after our little friend.

Ok yes, you could say this is a load of old hippy clap trap, but hey, I’m British! despite what the rest of the world thinks, we ‘have’ to stick up for the underdog.

That stiff upper lip which gets brandished around is poppycock, we are huge softies that cannot help but take a hurt sparrow to the vets or bring a poorly tree home.

A nation of big hearts and tall ancient trees…

Oh, and yes! My Father once was so overwhelmed with sadness when he found a sparrow had flown into a window took a sparrow to the vets – it lived to fly again!


Sprouts, do you love them or hate them?

20131111-054714 pm.jpg

I love the colour of my ‘Red Ball’ Brussels sprouts. Aren’t they lovely? I haven’t grown purple ones before and I’m quite excited to eat them.

Sprouts in my house is a bit of a dirty word, no except me eats them, however I’m hoping these may turn things around.

I grew them because I read they aren’t as bitter as the standard green ones, they have more of a nutty taste! We will see…

This year I’m rather proud of my sprouts normally they open up and turn into tiny cabbages due to the fact that my plot is extremely exposed to wind, don’t worry if yours do that, they are perfectly tasty.

Sprouts hate being rocked about and they will rebel by opening their sproutlets (that’s what I call them). But this year I really firmed them in and earlier on in the year I had them tied to bamboo canes to add extra support.

Also don’t be tempted to cover them in horticultural fleece, they adore a frost. The first frosts enhance their taste, so leave them to it and they will show you what they can do.

I’m really looking forward to my Christmas dinner complete with the ‘moanings’ about the smelly sprouts, but hopefully these little red ball beauties will shut them up from moaning too much. After all it’s not a proper Christmas dinner without sprouts!


A home for wildlife

20131108-010548 pm.jpg

As promised I have turned my old shed and the surrounding areas into a little spot for wildlife to live. Winter is on it’s way and we should make a little home for those creatures that really do silently help us out in our gardens.

Most of these tiny guys creep around at night eating our slugs and snails, and just make our lives better without ever asking for a thank you.

Well here is my thank you, Mrs Hedgehog, Mr Toad find a quiet spot, little ladybird bed down and relax, you are very welcome on my plot…

Have a restful and warm winter little ones, and hopefully I will see you in spring! Xxx


Almost done!

20131107-045709 pm.jpg

So most of the beds are manured and covered with plastic for the winter. I will dig in the manure once spring arrives, but for now the worms can do their thing.

I covered it with plastic to keep the weeds from growing through the winter. It works for me anyway.

So my plan for tomorrow, weather depending, is to turn my rickety old shed into a little Havana for the hedgehogs, and other wildlife. It’s almost falling down and I have a nice shinny one at the other end of my plot. So I’m hoping to turn it into the ultimate hotel for my little friends. Inside I will make little hide holes stuffed with straw and make it cozy for them to bed down in.

I’m actually looking forward to making it!


Digging for Vixtory

20131106-052109 pm.jpg

Corr blimey what a day! Another 3 raised beds dug and manured. Which is pretty good going owing to the fact the drizzle seems to make every barrow of horse poo heavier and heavier. But there is something about tucking everything up for winter, it’s strange, it’s like telling your plot to go to sleep.

The raised bed at the front of the photo, is what I call my bed of doom, it’s huge. It’s that bed I put off doing for ages as it’s such hard work. But I went for it today and I’m glad I did too, as I hear snow is coming soon.

Gosh the year has gone so fast, good luck tucking everything up for winter guys! X