Campanula garganica still flowering!

20131011-053930 pm.jpg

Usually by October my Campanula are done but they are still going!

They are a great plant perfect for rock gardens and grow like little round green cushions of foliage with flowers from June until September but never October!

They are naughty little fellas and will set seed into the surrounding areas or pots but they are so pretty I don’t care.

But seeing them flowering still is strange, I live just off the Pennines in the north west of England and believe me we aren’t blessed with great weather, so I’m not sure what’s going on there; but hey flowers are always welcome!


2 responses to “Campanula garganica still flowering!

  1. They’re lovely 🙂 Our sweetpeas are still going strong – every time I go to the plot I think it’ll be the last lot to pick, but they keep on coming ! Bit odd for October but not complaining !

    • Ooh lovely! I adore sweet peas, be interesting to see how long they will keep going on for! I know your supposed to plant them in Autumn in a warm green house for an early start as they like a long year growing, but flowering in October that’s brilliant! Xx

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