Phew! That’s the sunflowers sorted!

20131009-093858 pm.jpg

One of the big successes of the year have been my sunflowers. They have been utterly amazing!

And snipping the heads from them after they have set seed was one of my best decisions, as they set another flower into action. I never knew that, for years I’ve left them to it, but dead heading keeps them blooming away.

So I spent the afternoon picking seeds from the best seed heads and took a couple huge seed heads into local schools to start a sunflower growing competition with the kids. Hopefully we should have a bit of a giggle with that next year to see who can grow the biggest one.

The best I had to offer this year was 8 foot tall, with a stem as thick as my hubby’s wrist and the head on it was bigger than a serving plate! Obviously I kept the seeds from that one.

But look at my collection from the different ones I’ve grown! Now I just need to keep my daughter from eating them and next year I shall grow even more.

Oh and just incase you are wondering, my bird feeders and tables are full too, share the bounty that’s what I say!

Roll on spring 2014 for the sunflower frenzy!


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