Digging update

20131008-015547 pm.jpg

Four beds dug and covered in well rotted manure ready to be tucked up for winter.

It was a great weekend in the UK to be out, the temperature was around 17C which for October is pretty amazing. Flowers are still blooming and Autumn colours are glowing, it’s simply lush.

One of the nice things whilst I dig, is my local friendly Robin who is getting so tame now. As I dig and put down manure he comes over looking for worms. I cannot help but think he is from my nest box last year.

We had a Robin family in our garden, their mother and father were very tame too. I remember I had to pick one up, who after fledging, decided to hop into our laundry room and sit on my dirty washing. I popped him back outside and mum soon came over to give him a worm and no doubt tell him off!

I will try to get a picture, but it’s one of those annoying moments when your phone is elsewhere when he appears. I daren’t leave it in my pocket. It will get dug into one of my raised beds! (I’m talking about my phone not the Robin)

Anyway 4 beds dug 12 left…. Who needs a flipping gym!?


5 responses to “Digging update

  1. Looking really good 🙂 too right you don’t need any gym! I’d love to have a little friendly robin come and say hello while you’re working 🙂 x

  2. Lol! Work out and wonderful veg, cannot beat it. I love the fact we have a friendly Robin, and my surname is Robinson too – all makes perfect sense! 🙂

  3. Love your raised beds! I’ve just taken over an allotment and have put in the first three and, yes, it is quite a work out! Love your blog and your love of nature! I have yet to attract any lovely birds but that will come in the spring I hope. I have a lovely blackbird family in my back garden at home and a family of sparrows!

    • Awww thank you! I managed to blag my lovely hubby to make them for me for my birthday a couple of years ago and they are still going strong! (He hates DIY so he must love me to get the work bench and drill out!) good luck on your plot, you’ll have it in shape before you know it! Exciting times! Yippee xx

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