The big dig will start this weekend

20131004-020114 pm.jpg

It feels like yesterday when I took the bottom picture. I had just finished turning in all the manure and was getting ready to start planting wonderful seeds. This weekend as the great wheel turns yet again I will be resting my busy little allotment for winter.

Horse manure at the ready.

Many of my raised beds are done, they are probably heaving a sigh of relief that they can have a well earned rest. They will be covered in about 10cm of muck and covered in thick black plastic to over winter. I’m a big believer in feeding the soil not the plant!

The worms will think Christmas has come early! My fellow allotment friends say this is the reason I suffer from moles on my plot, as I have too many worms! Well if that’s the case, guilty as charged. How can a plot of land have too many worms? I say you cannot have enough…

So barrow wheel will be oiled, the squeaky wheel drives me nuts, my fork is polished and weather permitting I shall be out.

If I do a bed or two a day, I will be done in 18 days. Leaving my winter veg bed which will be weeded and harvested from through the sad times, I hate winter!

I’m such a summer cry baby sometimes!


2 responses to “The big dig will start this weekend

  1. I agree with you about feeding the soil rather than the plants. It is always a good thing so see an abundance of earthworms.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. I know! Have happy soil have happy plants!

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