What a treat from my Mum

20130923-054126 PM.jpg

My Mum came over on Sunday afternoon, she’s a proper Mum, she bakes and knits and is just a wonderful person. And along with a huge lemon cream cake, she gave me 3 little pots of Cyclamen.

What enchanting little plants they are! A far cry from their common name of ‘sow bread’, because they are said to be eaten by pigs. I think they are far to pretty to be scoffed up by snuffly pigs!

Now is the time of year they are flowering and no doubt you will be seduced into buying a few, which I don’t blame you for. They keep flowering for ages, which will be a welcome break since many of our garden flowers are beginning to go over and fade.

Don’t forget Cyclamen prefer a cool spot out of direct sunlight and another little tip, if you buy a Florist Cyclamen you should plant in Autumn, not midwinter. Reduce watering as the flowers fade then place the pot on its side and keep dry until midsummer them repot using fresh compost burying the Tuber so the top is just visible above the surface of the soil- don’t over water, keep it just moist until the shoots appear again.

I’m sure you knew that, but it’s good to get a little reminder isn’t it?

Happy gardening x


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