Rambling English Rose

20130921-085026 PM.jpg

Being the typical British gardener, we love to have some roses dotted about. In my back garden I have rambling roses all down the side of my fence. White ones and red ones. Don’t ask me what they are as unfortunately I do not have a clue. They also clamber up into the nearby willow tree and effect looks beautiful.

The white ones smell amazing in summer and fills the air with a scent which comes straight from heaven. The red one blooms quite late in the year and even though doesn’t smell, is terribly pretty. The colour is the only reason I keep it. Roses with no smell really disappoint me. It like opening your present on Christmas Day to find the fabulously wrapped gift was in fact an empty box. (If that makes sense.) but hey, I like the colour of the box!

I love bringing my flowers into the house, and fill as many vases, pint pots and jars as I can! But getting a rambling rose to do anything useful in a vase seems to be almost impossible.

Then an idea… A small ball of Florists Oasis, a stick, one small pot and modelling clay and a small collection of rambling rose buds and some leaves. I think you can guess how it’s all put together, don’t forget to soak the Oasis so it’s wet!

And there you have it, only took me 10 minutes and now I can enjoy my rambling roses in my house!


2 responses to “Rambling English Rose

  1. Beautiful post ,I like rose ! With love maxima

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