The big crop of Runner Beans.

20130916-025523 PM.jpg

The wind is extremely strong here in the North West of England, so inbetween the heavy rainfalls I dashed out to grab a basket of Runner Beans to freeze for the winter and of course – Christmas dinner!

I hate the strong winds we get towards Autumn and winter, it makes me panic. There is nothing worse than when your bean poles get uprooted and blown over. It’s heart breaking as harvesting them becomes a total nightmare.

So I picked as many as I could and just made it home in time before the rain started again.

I highly recommend St George Runner Beans, they have been the most tasty I have ever grown. My daughter even asks for them for dinner! Maybe the fact that I give my daughter the basket and tell her to pick her own adds to the appeal too.

They have been completely trouble free, have pretty red flowers and clamber as high as they can. Plus unlike Runners I have grown in the past, they don’t seem to be as stringy. I give them 10/10. Get some next season!


2 responses to “The big crop of Runner Beans.

  1. A lovely bean harvest. Love those runner beans but we don’t seem to be able to grow them up there in Queensland. Plenty of other beans of course but not the runner beans I used to enjoy when I lived in the UK.
    Hope the winds don’t play too much havoc in your allotment.

  2. That’s a shame you cannot grow them! I guess they must like the miserable weather more! When I next eat some I will have a gob full for you Jean! As for the weather, yuck its cold, windy and grey skies, natures way of saying ‘get digging in that horse muck we are done for the summer’ 😦

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