This needs to happen more!

20130905-085821 PM.jpg

I spotted this while I was away on my holidays in the Lake District. How wonderful!

Shame more places don’t do this. Get super fresh veg and flowers and custom too.

I loved it so much I just wanted to share with you. What a great idea, thumbs up!


7 responses to “This needs to happen more!

  1. How nice! Which pub in the lakes was it? I tried to give quite a lot of Florence fennel to a restaurant and they weren’t interested! I am taking my surplus to a food bank, hope it actually gets used.

    • Hi Helen! It’s was in Keswick and called the Keswick lodge, if memory serves me! They deserve a medal, what a lovely idea! When I get a glut of veggies I usually give it to the ‘golden oldies’ on my street, they love it when I come up the path with a bag!

  2. Wonderful idea – we have a list of places to take surp;lus crops but nobody’s ever offered us vouchers in exchange!

    • It’s excellent, slowly I think small companies are relishing the thought of super fresh food which is tended to with loving hands! Not mass produced crazy farms!… I think anyway 🙂

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