Deep sleep

20130830-104816 AM.jpg

So last weekend I made some different things with herbs that I had grown, including a lavender wand and some lavender sachets.

Well I am reporting back. I over slept one morning this week such was my deep sleep (I slept through 3 alarms) I am putting it down to the lavender sachet under my pillow! I usually wake up if I hear a phone vibrate down stairs, I am a very light sleeper.

And so far no pesky moths or naughty spiders in my down stairs loo thanks the the insect repellant sachets which are hanging next the to window.

So an overall success I’d say, well apart from being a tiny little bit late for work one morning!


4 responses to “Deep sleep

  1. They’re so pretty! I got some bath stuff for my boy this weekend at Lush that is lavender and chamomile. He’s usually a squiggle worm while we read our story but last night, after we tried it, he was nice and calm and went to bed without a problem. It was amazing!

    • Wow it just shows you the power of a little herb or flower doesn’t it! Lush are good aren’t they? I recommended their lemon shampoo! The smell is amazing!

      I use it with a few drops of tea tree oil to keep the nits from my daughters hair when shes at school. And actually use the same on mine to keep the oily build up down. I use quite a lot of products as my hair is very long to keep it shiny but after a while it feels lank and greasy. A few drops of tea tree oil in some shampoo and it’s back to it self again! This natural stuff is definitely the way to go! thank you for reading xxxxxx

  2. It sure is, stinks, but it’s great.

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