My families favourite Vegetables at the moment

20130814-081925 PM.jpg

I was going to make a simple tuna fish salad, however, following my 6 year old daughters comments that she was starving hungry I decided to cobble something a little more hearty for our dinner.

So out I trotted into the allotment, wooden begging bowl in hand. Well it’s not quite a begging bowl, but I quite enjoy carrying my big wooden bowl out there. I do have a huge plastic trug, but it’s not working for me at the moment! I’m having a rustic fashioned harvest – it feels more earthy!

Wow, the curly dwarf kale is simply stunning as is the rainbow chard, they look like roman candles exploding from the soil, Just look at the colours. I really do take more pictures of different vegetables than my family, it’s bonkers.

The runner beans have been a treat! I highly recommend you trying St George runner beans next season very yummy and not stringy at all! Oh I love the sound when you snap them up into a pot.

And the French beans are simply cascading from each plant. It’s just so magical having all this veg.

The acid test is always whether my little girl will eat it. She is typical of many kids who will turn their noses up at the slightest hint of a bitter tasting Vegetable.

Well I got to work and steamed the lot, fried up some chicken and served it all with a creamy mushroom sauce. I will confess, I didn’t grow the mushrooms. I am very tempted to try one of those log kits you can buy. But I worry that something poisonous will grow and I wipe out everyone at the dinner table.

Anyway my daughter wolfed down the whole plate and even said “ooh mummy that crinkly leaf stuff is so juicy”. Funny how she has never ever in her 6 years said anything similar about supermarket veg…

I rest my case your honour! Home grown will always be the best, my 6 year old is proof of that!

Happy harvesting x


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