Getting impatient with my tomatoes

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So my poly tunnel is a tomato forest at the moment. The plants are covered and I really mean covered in fruit. All beautiful, all green.

In the UK we had our summer 3 weeks of sunshine and that was that gone in a flash, and it’s back to grey clouds and drizzle. My nan used to call it “the fine rain that’s wets yah” So will my fruits ever ripen?

I am thinking about an experiment. We all know about bananas ripening fruit. So what happens if you buy a load of cheap bananas and leave them in your greenhouse/ poly tunnel?

Plants/fruit can smell we know this, well I say they can smell they can receive scent, one of which is ethylene, this causes fruit to ripen. That’s why paraffin heaters are used in vast warehouses of lemons to speed up the ripening process, it’s also given off by a ripe banana too. The old paper bag and a banana trick has been used for donkeys years.

I prefer the banana approach over a paraffin heater, it seems a little less stinky. I could bore you with how a plant smells and how they communicate to each other by scent and smell – maybe one day, it’s terribly fascinating I assure you!

I’m not entirely sure how many bananas I will need, and this of course, will cause my tomato plants to enter the final stages of their little lives. The smell of ethylene is basically the smell of Autumn.

So do I try it? Maybe I am being impatient. I just cannot wait to make a massive tomato buttie on thick white bread with lashings of olive oil to dip into. What do you think?


5 responses to “Getting impatient with my tomatoes

  1. see mine are outside, so the banana gas thing, might not work.

    • Hmmm, yes that could be a problem! Ooh outside toms! Wow I wish! It’s a tough life up here in Lancashire, I’d have to put little gloves on them! Lol I had once outside growing from some compost I had thrown onto a bed and it was actually blue! Lol I felt so sorry for it, I promised I would transplant it into the greenhouse, but next day following a rather chilly night, it passed away… I still feel bad about it! 😉 x

  2. Same here – tons of toms, but all green ! Ours are outside tho 🙂 Wondering if we’re going to be making loads of green tomato chutney this year …

    • Maybe that’s what we do! Try to find the best green tomato chutney recipe! Or I buy all the bananas in asda at the end of the day when they are 20p a hand! 🙂 x

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