My first batch of carrots this year.

20130813-094017 PM.jpg

This my seem a bit lame to you, but these are my best carrots I’ve ever grown!

For some unknown reason I can never get them right. I follow all the rules but they never grow beautifully long. But this year I am not complaining, as I am made up with these fellas.

There is always a sense of trepidation as I pull them up, as carrot fly is a massive problem on our allotments. Oh that feeling of disappointment when your wonderful carrot has been ravaged and it full of big brown tunnels of doom. But the extra helping of ash over the soil must of helped keep those blighters away.

I have to stop myself pulling them out as I walk past, they are so sweet. And is it just me, but is pulling up a decent carrot one of the most satisfying feelings ever?


3 responses to “My first batch of carrots this year.

  1. I empathise! I cannae grow carrots either. I have seeds dotted around, yet have only diddly ones too. Love the purple one.

    • It’s a challenge I just know one day we will both conquer! Oh one day imagine, pulling up that elusive perfectly straight fat carrot. Some dream of winning the lottery, we dream of fat long carrots! Lol xxx

    • Oh sorry got carried away with fat carrots! Lol yes the purple carrot! How good is he? There are others in that tub, it’s a bit of pot luck what comes out! The leaves look the same on top! It’s a bit silly fun I enjoy! Xx

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