Final pea harvest

20130809-095818 PM.jpg

Something strangely melancholy about the final big pea harvest. Any other little pea harvests are usually little handfuls. I mostly leave them to dry off and use them as seed for next year.

In the next month my proud pea bed will be cut down, the roots dug into the soil to keep the nitrogen in the soil and barrows of horse muck thrown over the top to break down until next spring…

It’s the great wheel of gardening, it never stops and keeps rumbling around unending. (Told you I get melancholy).

It was hard work, but all the peas were popped from their green sleeping bags sorted by their size, blanched and now sleep in the deep freeze.

I do enjoy having my own grown peas for Christmas lunch. The thought of my family tucking into them with springs of mint and lashings of butter made me smile and kept me going, what a huge job that was!


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