Just picked some Red Gooseberries – jam time!

20130807-031435 PM.jpg

Just about to make some jam… Jars all boiled and lined up, Gooseberries picked and washed. All that’s left is the pan, sugar, lemon juice and a sieve.

I have to say Red Gooseberries are my favourite for jam best thing is there’s no messing about with all that pectin stuff, as Gooseberries have loads of natural pectin already. It’s just a case boiling, adding sugar, tiny squirt of lemon juice and strain through a metal sieve into the jars. I’m not keen on billions of pips on my toast!

Keep things simple that’s what I say, cannot wait to taste it. Right now the gooseberries taste like sweet grapes so the jam is going to be amazing!


2 responses to “Just picked some Red Gooseberries – jam time!

  1. Any chance of the full recipe quantities?

    • This is how roll. 1 colander full of gooseberries, half a bag of sugar, juice of half a lemon. And boil in a large pan. Keep checking if it will set by dipping a spoon in the liquid and tapping on a cool plate. If its is runny keep boiling! When it’s ready sieve into a jug and pour into jars and leave to set! Simple! Xxxxx

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