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How cute is this? My Cucamelon has started to set fruit.

Melothria scabra also known as cucamelon, sandita, Mexican sour gherkin or mouse melon. Is a fascinating little gem and comes all the way from Mexico. I have been told it tastes like a cucumber crossed by a lemon and I simply cannot wait to try them. They grow tiny little fruits which look like mini melons which wouldn’t look out of place sat on a Barbie dolls dinner table.

They will keep going fruiting until the first frost, however you can move them indoor to a cool place and look after them until the spring when you can move them back out into garden or greenhouse etc. I’ve read you can treat them like a dahlia, this excites me, as I will hopefully get an earlier crop next year.

The cucamelon didn’t get into the Botanical books until the middle of the 1800’s! I love a plant with history, to think the Mexican people were harvesting this amazing little fruit way way before Columbus went on his ‘holidays’ around the Caribbean…

I started my plants off in May in the UK and ‘So far’ I have noticed the slugs and snails haven’t gone near them, they also don’t appear to attract green or black fly – good news I love plants that are able to get on without being pestered.

Mine are in a nice deep pot in my poly tunnel and I think I will keep them there, they seem to be doing well, not point in upsetting the apple cart. It’s gets pretty warm in there through the day and cools through the night. I’m definitely going to bring them into the house though before winter hits us. Last year it got to -14 and everything was frozen solid in the polytunnel, I would hate to lose them.

I have been reading some interesting recipes for pickling them, I will share them with you as soon as I get my good crop – fingers crossed

Happy gardening my friend!


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