Beautiful shades of green

20130805-092236 PM.jpg

I gathered some broad beans for dinner and the colours were so lovely I just needed to share them.

I’m sure people think I am quite mad sometimes, I harvest all my veg and stare at them in amazement. The colours the freshness it’s alive and full of goodness.

The wonder of it, to think I sowed a dry shiny bean at the start of the year and now I’m tucking into a bounty of them.

If you have never grown a vegetable or a flower before, your missing out on pure magic… Give it a go, it’s a wonder to behold.


4 responses to “Beautiful shades of green

  1. Not mad at all! I harvested our red currants the other day and spent ages marveling at all the different shades of pink ( when not quite ripe) through to bright, ripe red. Like jewels!
    Then because I knit as well I thought it would be amazing if you could buy yarn in that colour way.

    • Nature takes my breath away, I take more pictures of my allotment than my family! It’s constantly changing and the colours! Your right about black currants! Especially when the sunshines on them! Wonder if you could get dye from the berries? I wished I could knit, I’m a bit kack handed :). Thank for reading my blog! Xx

  2. Broad Beans are one thing we didn’t try this year – but there’s always next year and they’re definitely on the list. These look gorgeous 🙂

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