Starting to collect seed

20130804-010406 AM.jpg

I love to collect seed, it’s like hunting out treasure. As the summer changes to autumn the flowers slowly go to seed.

I’m still dead heading my pot marigolds but the ones I miss I frantically collect their seed. Here are the ones I’ve started to collect.

Green shaft peas
Poached egg plant
Marigold (French and pot)
Good King Henry

I will let them dry out in my potting shed then sort the seed from the chaff and packet them up for next spring. Don’t forget to carefully label your seeds nothing worse than wondering what they are in spring.

Best to collect your seed on a nice dry day, and label, label, label!


3 responses to “Starting to collect seed

  1. Love this! Have to start doing it! Is collecting seeds in September OK? What would you collect this time of year?

    • There are loads depending on what you are growing or is around you. If it flowers chances are there are seeds it be had. Things like cosmos in gardens, or alliums. In the wild you could keep an eye on the hedgerows and wild flower areas. Poppies are a joy to collect! I’m about to do a little post in a bit so keep an eye out for it! Thank you for taking the time to pop over! Xxx

    • Oh I’d would get out there now and get looking! Paper bags, envelopes and a pen! I’ve just finished a little post about it! Happy hunting! Xxx

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