New Old Tools.

20130803-075529 PM.jpg

I am over joyed with a lovely gift from my wonderful Mother and Father in Law. Last year we lost Grand Dad John, he was a great guy. An gardener and allotmentier like me, as you can imagination we always had much to talk about.

He loved hearing about what I was up to, what problems I was encountering and he always had so many tips and hints to share. I loved visiting and wished I had known him for longer. I’m actually getting teary typing this.

I will just compose myself… So, this weekend I dropped my daughter off at my families home and was gifted the most amazing surprise. As I was leaving they asked if I would like some of Grand Dad Johns garden tools!

So here they are, I think they are beautiful. In so many ways, not only beautiful to look at, but to think how many seasons they and Grand Dad John hoed the soil to feed his family. To provide them will healthy food for their bellies. Just like myself, finding joy spending time outside amongst his Vegetables.

John, I promise I will take care of your precious garden tools and I will show your Great Grand Daughter Boudicca how to use them.

I know he will be with me helping me out, giving me advice from his spiritual allotment in the sky!

Thank you Grand Dad John, miss you…


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