Inspired by RHS Tatton Flower Show

20130728-075037 AM.jpg

I’ve wanted to expand my Hosta collection for a while now, I just love the big green leaves and since finding out you can eat them, I’m even more inclined to do so. Find out more here

Hosta’s are a beautiful woodland plant, they love moist feet and a shady spot. Whist I was at the Flower show I came across a wonderful stand, the display was perfect, I have decided I’m going to do something similar in my allotment.

I have a big willow tree on my plot, it moved in many years ago and the height it’s given my plot is lovely. It also gives some nice shade to plants that struggle in full sun.

I have a huge oak trunk too! It was so beautiful I haven’t had the heart to cut it up for our log stoves and have always wanted to do something with it! So thanks to some inspiration this is what I will work on.

It will look lovely under the willow tucked away down the plot near my secret herb garden…

Happy gardening my friend! X


2 responses to “Inspired by RHS Tatton Flower Show

  1. I never really cared for hostas but seeing them arranged like this makes them look so neat. Maybe I just wasn’t thinking outside the box with them enough.

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