What to do with those’s rocks you dig up?

20130719-053002 PM.jpg

I live in the North West of England in a small town called Horwich. It’s great here, beautiful in fact. You know the kind of place, rolling hills, patch work fields, friendly people just doing their thing its perfect.

I say perfect… I live next to a massive hill, it missed out being classed as a mountain by a couple of meters, so I’m told! So because we are close to the big hill, our ground is pretty rocky! In fact our allotment has a nick name, ‘Heart break hill’, for two reasons.

The first reason, back in medieval times if you were caught poaching the Kings deer you were hung some where near our plot! How creepy is that?

The other reason is every spade or fork you plunge into the ground here hits a massive rock. I prefer the second reason than the first, I have to say!

So over the years I’ve been here I created a raised stone brick wall herb garden. It’s a peaceful spot away from the other allotments, in fact it’s a secret garden, my Dad and my favourite spot. Made complete by my Dad finding a Victorian park bench which he renovated and gave to me!

He sits there smoking his pipe whilst I potter about. I love it here. I love it even more because it’s my secret spot I share with my friends. It has a feeling of total serenity.

In the picture is my Green-man who looks after my secret garden at night whilst the sprites do there magic! (Well this is what I tell my 6 year old daughter)

It’s filled with sweet peas, Angelica, Valarian, in fact you name the herb and it will be tucked away somewhere. Even the weird stuff like Mugwort!

Gardening is magic, a magical gift from the universe, whatever you believe in, be it Gods or science, isn’t our world wondrous! Get out there watch the seasons, study each leaf and tiny bug! By goodness it’s beautiful!

I always say it and really mean it – happy gardening my friend! X


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