A quick harvest from the allotment

20130717-084703 PM.jpg

I love love love not having anything in at this time of year. For most people having no fresh produce means trudging down to a packed super market to pay full wack for substandard vegetables.

I was actually excited to get out of work and tootle down the bottom of the garden to my allotment to work out what we were having for dinner.

It’s like my own grocers, except it’s outdoors, peaceful and you can help yourself and walk out without paying! Oh and the taste of super fresh vegetables really cannot be beaten. It’s not that nasty bitter stuff that been sitting in trucks for days covered in awful unhealthy pest sprays. It’s minutes old straight into a pan fresh and boy, it makes a difference. It’s tastes alive!

I knocked together a fab meal of pork loins and pan fried lemon pepper and buttered veg.

Courgettes finely chopped both the green and yellow varities, rainbow chard and one of my faves Asparagus peas quickly fried with lashings of real butter and lemon pepper. Grilled pork and straight onto the plate, you cannot get easier than that can you?

Oh just incase you want to try cooking it, it’s called “plotted veg fry up with pork” Ok I might not be good with names, but it’s blimming tasty!

Happy Gardening and eating x


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