A new family of frogs…

20130617-044519 PM.jpg

Every allotment has a little spot for a tiny pond. And here is mine, it only small, basically it’s an old water butt that was damaged years ago in the frost so instead of throwing it away I repurposed it. I grabbed a saw cut away the cracked bit and there it was my new pond, obviously I wanted it to look a bit better than that so…

I dug a hole under my willow tree and sunk it into the soil. There are no shortage of rocks on the allotment so I put a pretty circle all around it. But then I got thinking.

It’s is all well and good, but how do the frogs get in and out? It was time for a tiny rethink. There was an old water pipe knocking about for ages I used to have mint growing in it and thought, why not make a frog highway? From behind my compost heap down towards my pond? So I covered it in old rotten logs, twigs and moss found a huge branch from an oak tree and poked it into the water so the new habitants could get in and out and then filled it with rain water.

I waited for ages then one day a frog found it and moved in. It wasn’t long before I had frog spawn and all sorts of wonderful pond life tottering around it.

Ponds are good on the allotment for the frogs and toads who thank you for their quiet spot by eating slugs.

So welcome Mr and Mrs Frog I hope you both eat your hearts out!


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