My little allotment…

20130612-022032 PM.jpg

Things move quickly in nature, last time I took a picture from this angle, I’d just finished my big dig and was exhausted. This time I have a different feeling its one of excitement and hope.

What a difference a couple of months make. Most of my veggies are out and starting to grow. The left bed at the front is my kale, chard, cabbage and swede bed. On the right is my squashes, pumpkins, marrows and courgettes (or Zucchini for my American Friends).

As we go off into my allotment next bed down on the left is filled with purple sprouts and broccoli and some sweet peas. To the right I have my Runner Beans (pole beans) and French beans. This weekend I will have to transplant my asparagus peas or they will never get going.

The big green patch which looks over grown from the picture are my raspberries. I seem to grow the tastiest on the allotment, and I don’t do anything with them except leave them to it and add a bit of potash, we have a log stove so I collect the ashes in a tub when it’s cooled down.

The raspberries are the half way point to my little plot. Further down the peas and broad beans, strawberries all hang out quite merrily. I have spuds and cherry trees, salad and other little goodies I will share with you too.

I’m a happy and excited soul, longing for some sunshine though, my sky is looking a bit moody!

Happy gardening! X


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