The best tip I’ve learnt this year

20130527-093236 PM.jpg

This is without doubt the best tip I have learnt this year and I want to share it with you…

I sow everything in my poly tunnel or on window ledges early in the year, as the soil in my allotment takes months and months to warm up. The only problem with starting all your seeds under glass etc. is ‘damping off’.

Damping off is caused by fungi in your soil/compost. It’s especially bad when your seeds are taking a while to germinate and causes a thin green or white mould to grow on the surface. It’s caused by too much watering, poor ventilation, thick sowings etc. the fungi that causes this are called Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium but we all know it by damping off.

If you have it on your soil/compost it will attack your seeds or seedlings and cause them to rot it will become smelly and basically ruin your hard work. But I have finally found the answer and it’s not expensive and works an absolute treat.

Powdered Cinnamon.

You can buy it from any super market and it’s as cheep as chips! All you do if you notice a layer of mould appearing is to sprinkle it on the surface of the soil and get on with your other jobs. It’s gone in a matter of days and does not damage your tiny crops. You can even dip the ends of your cuttings in it to ward off them getting infected too. It’s also high in potassium and calcium as well, so I will be sprinkling some around my tomatoes to give them a boost.

Cinnamon is an antiseptic for diseases related to bacteria and fungi, you can even use it on your feet if you have athletes foot! With the added bonus of leaving your greenhouse or in my case poly tunnel smelling like a wonderful bakery! I’ve read that the smell of cinnamon even boosts brain stimulation, which might just help me when I’m getting caught up with working out my crop rotation.

Here’s a picture of my daughters liquorice seedlings, she can get a little enthusiastic with the watering can and it was starting to mould over. A tiny sprinkling of cinnamon and in a couple of days all will be fine!

It works brilliantly and smells superb! Honestly try it…

Happy Gardening x


4 responses to “The best tip I’ve learnt this year

  1. Now that is a tip I’ve just got to try – thank you for sharing that. I think that will come in most handy!

    • It’s unbelievable but true! It works like a dream! I thought it was rubbish then I tried it as an experiment and low and behold the mould was gone! Let me know how u get on! Thanks for your comment xx

  2. We’ll definitely be trying this one as we’ve grown some pretty impressive mould and fungi on our windowsill seedlings this year. Great tip !

  3. You will be amazed xxx

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