Old grid turned into a little planter

20130521-044918 PM.jpg

Recently we put a conservatory onto our house and had to move the old drains. It was hard work but it’s beautiful now, my husband is the greatest!

Anyway when my hubby dug up the old grid I fell in love with it! Obviously he thought I was bonkers, but hey it’s all about recycling these days. I adore finding little things and repurposing them. So off I went, bonkers old me to make a little planter for some Hens and chicks.

Hen and chicks or Sempervivum
Sempervivum literally means “live forever”. I have a wall basket on the front of my house bulging with them and because they grow and propagate so readily they don’t half spread out. But they are super easy to have around the garden. Useful for the front garden as I don’t really hang out in it too much.

These succulents are known by many different names (semps, hens and chicks, houseleeks) Top names for a very very easy to grow plant. They do like lots of drainage so I mixed loads of grit into the soil in fact it was probably 75% grit.

I covered the hole in the grid with an old piece of plastic lid and punctured lots of holes for more drainage and filled it up.

Then pushed the little succulents into their gritty planter. And finished it off with some more grit. My 6 year old daughter decided she was going to decorate it and collected all sorts shells and bits and bobs to finish it off for me.

Before you know it that whole planter/grid will be covered, isn’t nature rather wonderful?


2 responses to “Old grid turned into a little planter

  1. this is beautiful and so thoughtful! I also love reusing old things and this is a great inspiration! Thank you!

    • Thank you! To think it could of ended up in a land fill somewhere! Now it will live on. It’s gone from a 1947 grid to 2013 planter! It’s a happy ending for a sad little grid! 🙂

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