Wild Garlic

20130517-084017 PM.jpg

Also known as known as ramsons, buckrams, wild garlic, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek or bear’s garlic. Some great names don’t you think?

Here is some I have growing under a willow tree on my allotment. All parts of it can be used. The flowers, leaves everything.

I love plants like that. There’s a woods at the bottom of my plot. It’s grows there wild under the trees next to a rambling stream.

Personally I wouldn’t go picking and digging it up, there isn’t enough wild flowers and herbs in our woods anymore.

I have been warned about my wild garlic by other allotment holders, they say it goes crazy and takes over. Like mint it’s will spread out all over the place! Well personally I don’t care, because I will eat it very happily. My family are huge garlic fans!


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