Find room in your veg plot for flowers

20130517-115352 PM.jpg

I always feel sorry during early spring for the bees. They must have a rough old ride waiting for the flowers to pop out with their pollen. They must get so terribly bored of dandelions.

Desperately buzzing about looking for pollen, it must be tricky for the little fellas!

It must be like nipping down to the work canteen only to find there is nothing there except an old packet of crisps.

It’s so important to get some flowers bunged into your plot. Walk down most streets in the UK and front gardens are mostly flags or pebbles with a sad lonely looking Cordyline wind blasted in the middle of this baron so called ‘garden’. The problem is where do our little fury bees go for lunch? So off they fly somewhere else hoping to find a little flower.

If you plant flowers they will come. They will come to your plot and do their magic. They will pollinate your crops and help you, as much as you help them. And they really do need your help.

This year I have made a little promise to my little pals. I will fill every nook and cranny with flowers. Veg for my family and flowers for my friendly visitors. Just think how wonderful your plot will look bulging with vegetables and filled with all colours of the rainbow.

So come the summer, you can sit amongst the marrows and cabbages surrounded the heady scent of your flowers, a handful of the greenest and best peas you’ll ever taste and the wonderful buzz of your fury friends spreading their magic all around you. Maybe throw in a G&T and a huge helping of self satisfaction too for good measure too!

Happy Gardening.


One response to “Find room in your veg plot for flowers

  1. That’s a lovely photo of the fuscias. I’m a big fan of ballerina flowers!

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