The first harvest of 2013!

20130511-053234 PM.jpg

I have some friends coming around for dinner tonight. So I bought some lovely organic lamb steaks and thought I would knock up a little salad too.

So I popped out to my veggie plot to find my rocket has exploded into life along with my wonderful sorrel.

The sorrel comes back year after year and tastes lovely. It has an amazing lemon taste and will be fab with the lamb. And the wild rocket is nutty and peppery I cannot wait!

Whilst picking my sorrel I saw the black mint had shot up too! So I grabbed a handful to make a mint sauce for the lamb! Its really easy to make – cut up the mint, add a teaspoon of sugar and lashings of balsamic vinegar, then leave it to settle down for a couple of hours at room temperature.

And for pudding? Rhubarb Fool. The rhubarb is huge and I mean huge at the moment. I filled my basket and gave some to my neighbour too. I love knocking on the doors of my neighbours with some fruit and veg for them. It’s ever so nice to share with my friends, especially the pensioners they get so giddy when I hand it to them.

This is what I adore about owning my allotment, it’s like my very own fruit and vegetable store at the bottom of my garden, where I can walk around and help myself and give away to my mates!

I’m sitting here now and the sweet smell of rhubarb is filling the house as it gently stews on the cooker and I know it’s going to taste just amazing…

Happy Gardening x


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