Cucumbers and tomatoes

20130509-034939 PM.jpg

There you have it my cucumbers and tomatoes finally in their little bed all tucked up and ready to grow!

This is the first year I have had to resort to the dreaded blue pellets. I cannot begin to tell you how wet the UK was last year. It didn’t stop raining from 4th June until January where it snowed almost non stop and then the rain came back. It’s raining even now.

As a result of all this damp weather the slugs and snails are out in force and my poly tunnel toads died in the harsh January. I know because I found their poor mummified bodies under a pile of old plant pots, they had a fitting send off by my daughter into the herb bed. She even carefully wrapped them in sorrel leaves and said prayers for them. Awww it was quite sad really, she asked Mother Nature to look after them!

So the dreaded blue pellets in the poly tunnel, I feel terrible about it, but I simply wouldn’t be able to harvest anything if I didn’t use them. I even emptied the whole tunnel out and searched for the little baddies, I collected a bucket full!

My plan is when the plants get a little more established I will make a snail and slug bar, they love beer, so they can literally drown their sorrows in that. But for the short term pallets it will be, I’m not taking any risks. I have no toads to help me out anymore!

Today alone I picked 10 snails and 15 slugs and that was just a little look about at 3pm! Omg I hate them so much! The old adage about egg shells and coffee grounds is rubbish, one year I lost a whole courgettes patch over night when I used coffee and egg shells! Like I said I’m taking NO RISKS this year!

Happy Gardening! X


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