The last day of my big dig

20130507-102339 PM.jpg

My hands are blistered, my back is killing me, my arms have no strength left in them but it’s all done. The big summer dig has finished, thank goodness.

I went through my veg beds with a fine tooth comb, every scrap of weed has been dragged out. Each year it gets easier, but each year I get a bit older so I’m not sure if that evens it out at all. Needless to say I’m a happy yet shattered Gardner.

Each winter I tuck my beds up with barrows and barrows of horse muck and cover them with thick black plastic I think the builders use it in their footings its called DPC its an awfully dull name but it’s great on the allotment.

So I unveiled the beds and double dug the lot. Tell you something, cancel that gym membership and get your garden fork out, because it’s a great work out.

So I said double dig, incase you don’t know. That means, you dig twice the length of the head of your spade or fork. Once I have a big hole, I work the soil back into it along with the rotten manure. Do make sure all those big clumps of earth are broken up and it’s left all soft and springy. I do this so when I come to plant into it, my vegetables can move their little roots around, spread out and make themselves nice and comfortable. It also helps with drainage, there’s not many plants, like humans, who want cold wet feet after all.

Don’t forget – don’t go trampling all over your nicely dug earth now, keep it springy! When it comes to planting out, I will lay a big piece of scaffolding plank across the bed to stand on. I’m not going to ruin my hard work.

So time for my bed, hopefully it will be a bit more comfy than my veg beds!

Happy Gardening x


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